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Aquatic improvers
Chemical name Aquatic improvers
Molecular formula --
Molecular Weight --
Product Image
Performance Whitish powder; Deliquescent; Easily soluble in water; Aqueous solution is weak alkaline.
Quality standards

Product code: DT-S401
Primary Ingredient: Phosphates
Quality Specification: P2O5>57.0%      PH>9.0      Heavy Metal≤0.001%       Arsenic≤0.0003%
Usable method:
Maximum utilization is 0.5%.
Usually soak the aquatic product into 3-10% phosphate solution for processing complex and Solution temperature under 10℃ in common. The immersion time and concentration of solutions will accord to the aquatic product’s kind, size and fishing time.

Uses This product is matched by a variety of food additives made of science proportion; It can significantly improve the product weight and its water holding capacity in the processing of process and frozen; To prevent the product moisture loss during the process of on the shelf and frozen; Inhibit microbial growth; To make the meet of goods tender , flexible and maintain the nutrient effectively.
Packing in 25kgs net plastic woven bags lined with PP bags.
Storage and transport To be stored in a dry, ventilate and clean warehouse; Valid for two years.
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